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    Kevin Hall 6 years ago

    Thanks for a great stay. The staff is fantastic. The staff has all the compassion and correct words during a difficult time! The facility is spotless. Words cannot explain how grateful myself as well as the family of Lavada Hall

    Connie H. - Fort Worth - 6/27/17 6 years ago

    What a wonderful and stress free stay. The staff were so kind and caring. The facilities were clean and feeling safe was an added bonus. Thanks so much to all the staff and volunteers that make this place such a pleasurable experience. Thanks again for everything.

    Sherry C 6 years ago

    I want to thank you all so very much when my mother was in the hospital. I stayed with you for awhile until she passed away. I never had to worry about being all by myself because you all were there to make sure I was ok. Thank you all so much

    Ronnie & Barbara C. - Olney, Texas 6 years ago

    Thank you to the ladies at the Rathgeber Hospitality House. My wife and I stayed here during my dad's stay in the hospital. Very nice facility and very convenient.

    Berta G. - Vernon, Texas - February 25, 2016 7 years ago

    When you are away from home with a family member who has a critical health problem, the security you feel at Rathgeber makes you feel you are still at home. Thank you. Thank you.

    Christine M. - Boyd, Texas - February 19, 2016 7 years ago

    Very kind of you to assist those who need an affordable way to take care of our very ill family, in this case, my husband's grandmother.

    Ricardo M. - Montreal, Canada - February 16, 2016 7 years ago

    Words are limited. They do not describe what you meant to us. We were no longer lonely and you helped and sustained us in a very adverse moment.

    Christine C. - Jacksboro, Texas - February 11, 2016 7 years ago

    Thank you for your sincere hospitality, care & love. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours….this was fantastic.

    Alex S. - Waco, Texas - February 7, 2016 7 years ago

    You provide a great service for the families of patients at the hospital.

    Felix S. - Lubbock, Texas - January 31, 2016 7 years ago

    A special thanks to all the ladies that work here…..very nice and very generous. Thank you again.

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